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AASP 2023 Summer School

Takeshi Hamamura
Chair, Education and Training Committee
Asian Association of Social Psychology.

Join us! Student application deadline: March 27, 2023

The Asian Association of Social Psychology is pleased to announce the Summer School for the 2023 AASP biennial meeting. Established in 2007, the AASP Summer School is designed to:


  • provide a research-intensive interactive experience for social psychology students across Asia to learn from one another and to receive specialized training from experts; and

  • ​​promote cross-cultural contact among future leaders of Asian social psychology to broaden their academic vision.


The 2023 School will take place July 10-12 and will be conducted in a hybrid model. That is, you may attend the School virtually or in person at the Education University of Hong Kong. Whether you attend the School virtually or in-person, we are committed to providing you with the most rewarding Summer School experience.​​

In the School, students will experience three days of Social Psychology inundated with lectures, group discussions, and consultations with teachers. Students will be divided into small groups with each group mentored by a world-renowned teacher. Each group will develop a research proposal and present it on the final day.


(Tentative) Schedule

Planning meeting (~ by early July)

  • Students in their group to meet with their teacher. Discuss and agree on a topic. Agree on preparation work for the summer school (e.g., readings)


Day 1 (July 10)

  • Orientation

  • Consultation with teacher

  • Lecture

  • Group work


Day 2 (July 11)

  • Social activity

  • Consultation with teacher

  • Lecture

  • Group work


Day 3 (July 12)

  • Lecture

  • Consultation with teacher

  • Proposal presentation and discussion


Teaching Staff

  • Takeshi Hamamura, Curtin University, Australia.

  • Melody Chao, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong S.A.R. China

  • Yu Niiya, Hosei University, Japan

  • Ronnel King, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. China


  • More teachers will be appointed and listed here shortly!



Tuition fee for the Summer School:

Student from high-income economy:  USD 50

Student from low-, lower-middle, or upper-middle-income economy: USD 25

*Based on 2023 World Bank classifications

If you are attending in person, you will also need to pay for your travel, accommodation, meal and other living expenses. The conference organizers will arrange accommodation at a subsidized rate, and you will need to pay for this –– more information will soon become available.  The payment system for the School tuition fee will be ready after application results are announced.


Travel Support

AASP will provide four awards of up to $500 USD to applicants with strong academic credentials and strong financial needs to support their in-person attendance. See ‘How to Apply’ section for more information. 


Research Grants

Upon School completion, students are encouraged to apply for School Research Grant to carry out the project developed. Up to 3 projects with a maximum funding of $1000 USD will be granted from the AASP’s Kwok Leung fund. Details will be provided later. Grant awardees are expected to provide a financial report and present their project findings at the next AASP biennial conference. 


How to Apply

To be eligible for the School, you must be a member of the AASP, trained in social psychology, defined as completed at least 1 year of graduate study in social psychology, and available to attend all School activities (i.e., partial attendance is not allowed). 


On the application form, please indicate whether you wish to attend the Summer School in-person or online. Please understand that for planning purpose, we are unable to accommodate changes in attendance preference. In case in-person attendance becomes impossible, your place will likely be offered to another applicant rather than asking you to attend virtually.


If you wish to apply for travel support, please write a statement in 200 words or less describing why you need this travel support and the availability of any other sources financial support (e.g., travel fund from your university). Please include this statement as a part of the uploaded file in your application (part 6 of the Application Form).


The application due date is 27 March. AASP’s Education and Training Committee will assess the applications and communicate the outcome in early April.




Contact Dr. Takeshi Hamamura:


Application Form


Complete the application form from the link below to provide the following information:


Link to Application Form


  1. Name and Email address

  2. Are you a paid member of AASP?

  3. Have you completed a minimum of 1 year of graduate study in social psychology?

  4. Do you wish to attend the Summer School in person or virtually?

  5. Do you wish to apply for Summer School travel support?

  6. Upload 1 file (word file or PDF) that contains the following materials

    1. One recommendation letter from your supervisor

    2. statement that describes, in 250 words or less, your research interest and experience in social psychology.

    3. statement that describes, in 250 words or less, how you will benefit from the Summer School.

    4. if you wish to apply for travel support, statement that describes, in 200 words or less, why you need this travel support and the availability of any other sources financial support (e.g., travel fund from your university).

    5. CV

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