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AASP 2023 Newsletter #8

AASP 2023 KS Yang Travel Award


Date: 11/3/2023

Application Deadline: Tuesday (12pm NOON, Hong Kong time), April 4, 2023


The Asian Association of Social Psychology is pleased to announce that applications for the KS Yang Travel Award are open. This award is designated to provide financial assistance for deserving young scholars from developing countries to attend AASP Conferences (see To commemorate our return to an in-person conference since the pandemic, two awards in the amount of up to USD$750 will be offered to support the two awardees’ travel and accommodation costs, and the conference registration fees will be waived for each awardee.


Who can apply?

Early career researchers from any developing nation (World Bank low or mid-income economy) who obtained their Ph.D. within 10 years from the date of application submission are eligible.

What is covered?

Two awards will be given in the amount of up to USD$750 reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs for attending AASP2023, and conference registration fee will be waived.

How to apply?

In addition to submitting and receiving an acceptance for an abstract to the conference, KS Yang award applicants should also provide:

  1. A 200-word statement briefly outlining eligibility and need,

  2. a Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing your research and teaching activities,

  3. a full copy of the paper you intend to present at AASP 2023 (2,000-6,000 words), and

  4. a letter of recommendation from a more senior colleague.


The application due date is Tuesday (12pm NOON, Hong Kong time), April 4, 2023. Please use the link below to provide the following information.


Link to Application Form:

  1. Name

  2. Email address

  3. Position (e.g. student, assistant professor)

  4. Academic Affiliation

  5. Country

  6. Please confirm that you received your most recent Ph.D. within 10 years of today’s date. (Yes / No)

  7. In which month and year did you obtain your PhD?

  8. Submission ID of the poster, paper, or symposium that you will be presenting at the conference

  9. Upload 1 file* (word file or PDF) that contains the following:

    1. Name, Position, Affiliation, and Country

    2. 200-word statement briefly stating why you are eligible for the KS Yang Travel Award and why it would be important to help you attend the conference (e.g. any other funding available to you, cost of attendance, importance of attending in-person, etc.)

    3. a CV detailing your research and teaching activities;

    4. a full copy of the paper you intend to present (length: 2000-6000 words); and

    5. a recommendation letter from a more senior colleague.

       *Please use your NAME to name the file, last name first, e.g. e.g. DOE Jane KS Yang App.docx or DOE Jane KS Yang App.pdf

Review Procedure

The EdUHK conference organizing committee’s  Awards Sub-committee will review applications and inform applicants of the outcome by April 15, 2023.


Mutually Exclusive Awards

Please note that if a recipient of the KS Yang Award also receives any other AASP award or travel support (Michael H. Bond Award for Early Research Contributions, or the Travel Support to AASP Summer School students), they will not be eligible for the KS Yang Award.

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