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AASP 2023 Newsletter #7

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: The Michael Harris Bond Award for Early Research Contributions


Date: 2/3/2023 (Thursday)

Nomination Deadline: April 30, 2023

Michael Harris Bond has worked in Asia for five decades, since 1971.
To commemorate his many significant contributions to Asian social psychology, a group of his friends and former students have set up an endowment fund with AASP for the Michael Harris Bond Award for Early Research Contributions. One or two awards are given every two years. Past awardees are Alex English (2021), Ronnel B. King (2019), Bobby Cheon (2017), Takeshi Hamamura (2015), Melody Manchi Chao (2013), Sylvia Xiaohua Chen (2013), Keiko Ishii (2011), and Catherine Wan Ching (2011).
Eligibility criteria for the award are as follows: 
- The awardee can be of any nationality, but must be based in Asia at least for the last three years.
- She/He must have obtained her/his Ph.D. within eight years from the closing date for the current round of nominations.
- She/He has made significant contributions to Asian social psychology, broadly defined as psychological research on social processes in the Asian context, of a basic and/or applied nature.
- She/He will receive a certificate for the award, as well as the sum of US $1,500 and a waiver of the registration fee to attend the forthcoming biannual conference of AASP, at which she/he will deliver a state-of-the-art lecture. The awardee must attend the conference to receive the award (in-person or virtual). 
- The awardee(s) will be invited to write a review that summarizes her/his research contributions and their implications for future research, to be published in the Asian Journal of Social Psychology after being reviewed.

For the current award, the nomination deadline is April 30, 2023.
The awardee(s) will be announced about a month after the deadline. 
She/He will receive the award at the AASP Conference in Hong Kong, July 13-15, 2023.
Please send your nomination to AASP MHB Award 2023 Committee (Attn: Prof Hoon-Seok Choi; Email:, including:
(a) the CV of the nominee,
(b) a one-page letter of support that highlights the nominee's contributions to Asian social psychology,
(c) digital copies of three of the most important publications of the nominee.

Self-nominations are also welcome.


A committee, consisting of a past president of AASP, a past or the current editor of AJSP, and an appointed member, will deliberate and select the awardee.

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