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AASP 2023 Newsletter #2

Date: 23/12/2022 (Fri)

Dear AASP members,

Season's Greetings from the AASP 2023 Organizing and Scientific Committees!

We have three important announcements for AASP 2023, to be held in Hong Kong and online, July 13-15:

(1) Mode of the conference: Hybrid!
(2) CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Deadline Feb 15, 2023 (in 7 weeks)
(3) Conference Theme

Please see details below: 

(1) Mode of the conference: Hybrid!

After much discussion, we are excited to announce that our July 13-15 AASP 2023 conference will be run in "live hybrid" mode! Hong Kong should be fully open for travelers by summer, but we know that flexible options may be best for many in these in-transition times. While we expect to welcome our main audience to be on the Education University of Hong Kong campus, we are glad we can also offer the online option to give greater accessibility.

Facilitated by our up-to-date hybrid teaching facilities at EdUHK and our experienced staff and students, symposia and paper sessions will be both in-person and conducted in parallel on Zoom, with interaction between in-person and online attendees. Poster sessions will also have online and in-person options with special events for greater interactivity.  Attendees can decide at the time of registration (mid-April) if they will take advantage of the convenience of an online mode, or to come to Hong Kong and enjoy the travel and social-intellectual interactions that are the unique pleasures of an in-person event!

With hybrid mode guaranteed, we believe this will help everyone be certain that they CAN attend. So please start to prepare your abstracts and organize symposia for the:

(2) CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Deadline Feb 15, 2023 (in 7 weeks)

Whichever mode you choose, please submit an abstract! Please see our guidelines for abstract submission for AASP 2023 on our conference website ( Please start to prepare your Title, Abstracts (brief and full versions), and gather author information for the submission deadline of February 15, 2023. 

We look forward to seeing your contributions to an invigorating conference. Which leads us to our:


Our theme this year is "Asian Social Psychology in the Face of Global Challenges: Achievements and Opportunities." The past few years have seen unprecedented events pose new challenges around the world, from the Covid-19 pandemic to drastic changes in national leadership to global crises. In the face of these global challenges, the field of social psychology has sought to understand how individuals and groups navigate and cope with these changes and what they mean for society at large. In this conference, we discuss the achievements made in this area and examine the opportunities these changes present for psychological research. We hope that you will join us and contribute to this important discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you, whether in-person or online, in July 2023!

Best wishes from the
Organizing Committee, AASP 2023


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