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Hybrid Mode Conference

To give presenters and audience maximum ability to participate in the conference, we are looking forward to running a "Live Hybrid Mode" conference. Many are eager to finally enjoy the energy and spontaneous sociality of an in-person conference, and we do encourage everyone to come enjoy the conference in Hong Kong if you are able! 


But we are also happy that to maximize accessibility, we're able to offer the option to participate online. 

Technical details? We are ready! 

For all participants, we will use Whova to organize the hybrid schedule, allowing seamless attendance either on Zoom or in person. Each physical room will have a matching Zoom room.  On the campus of EdUHK, we have already reserved nine lecture halls that are new and fully equipped for hybrid teaching, one with a capacity for 600 audience members and the others with 80 to 200 seats.


In addition to the usual computer and projection systems, we have full Zoom capabilities, dual computer screens for the speakers' view, dual cameras to switch between seeing the audience and the speaker, and dedicated microphones and speakers for hybrid interaction.

Each room will have a Zoom host and in-person helper from EdUHK who will facilitate Q&A and switch between speakers as needed. Our staff, students, and IT service staff have great familiarity with hybrid teaching, and we are prepared to smoothly handle the hybrid mode.

For audience and speakers presenting in person, bring your PowerPoint slides on a USB to your assigned physical room a few minutes early, where you will present using PowerPoint and a microphone as usual. For audience and speakers attending virtually, please prepare your audio and video connection and internet connection on your own computer, and connect online to the assigned Zoom room a few minutes early. Practice time will be provided to virtual speakers to make sure your slides can be displayed, and your sound works well. No pre-recorded video is needed; speakers and the audience will interact "live."

Similarly, for poster presentations, we have had a great experience hosting online poster presentations on Gathertown, an easy-to-use virtual conference room where you can browse posters and chat with presenters; we will organize both in-person and online poster presentation sessions. 

Download the gathertown user guide: 

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